Tectura Client Success Story


Global Mobile Device Distributor Improves Business Process Efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics AX Global Rollout Supported by Tectura

Business Profile

  • Brightstar is a global services company providing mobile devices and innovative supply chain solutions to Manufacturers, Operators, Retailers and Technology enterprises.

 Business Challenge/IT Challenge

  • Diverse global business requiring a highly configurable and flexible ERP solution
  • Capability to incorporate multiple languages and business processes
  • Global reach across vast geographic regions
  • Lack of telephone and wireless infrastructure and technology in Greenfield sites


  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Tectura Language and Localization Packs


  • Accelerated time to market
  • Scalable to meet aggressive growth plans
  • Supports multiple countries and their specific requirements in a single server
  • Reduced infrastructure and operating costs
  • Easily customisable for different location needs
  • Skilled resources to support quick rollouts and changing business requirements

Tectura successfully helped Brightstar to build the infrastructure, develop their Microsoft Dynamics AX templates and implement key tools such as Tectura Language and Localization Packs to speed deployment in their Thailand and Vietnam offices. Tectura continues to provide support and implementation services for Brightstar’s roll-out of Microsoft Dynamics AX in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Brightstar, founded in 1997, is a leading global services company that enhances the performance and profitability of the key participants in the wireless device value chain: Manufacturers, Operators, Retailers/Etailers, Enterprise, Government, VARs and Consumers. Brightstar, the world’s largest and fastest growing wireless company, is the industry’s foremost provider of value-added distribution services, with operating facilities in over 30 countries and more than 3,500 employees around the globe.

Business/IT Challenge

Brightstar recognised the need for a highly configurable ERP system that could be implemented across multiple Greenfield sites and configured cost effectively for multiple business models.

Greenfield sites present new opportunities for innovative distributors; but they also come with their own unique challenges as they are either underdeveloped or without an existing network infrascture. Distributing mobile devices and innovative wireless solutions to some of the world’s fastest growing economies; Brightstar is undoubtedly working in one of the most dynamic sectors on the planet today.

Yet their intrepid appetite for growth can be challenging. Spotting genuine business opportunities in developing economies brings rich rewards but the lack of infrastructure and business models – often synonymous with Greenfield sites – presents its own unique challenges.

Brightstar needed to support their extensive global business with a highly configurable ERP solution that had capacity to integrate multiple languages and business processes. They chose Microsoft Dynamics® AX and leveraged Tectura’s extensive regional expertise to integrate multiple languages and business processes into deployment.

The Solution and Benefits

“It’s a cost effective model for us. Equally, our time to market is getting much shorter now as Tectura has
shared their Microsoft expertise with our regional teams. We are working incredibly efficiently when you
consider the vastness of the regions we are covering, with the complexity of our business models that were already in place,”

A Highly Flexible ERP Solution for Global Business Growth

Brightstar’s key business goal was to deploy an integrated ERP solution in Thailand and Vietnam – two important centres for the distribution of mobile devices throughout the region. Both businesses were experiencing significant growth and needed unified processes in order to realise operational efficiencies throughout their Distribution and Warehousing arms, as well as stringent processes in their sales and finance departments to support recent expansion.

“We had a huge IT requirement and needed a highly flexible ERP solution to support it. We wanted to strengthen our operations and synchronise our service offerings. We ourselves create value for other companies through streamlining processes and we needed a failsafe ERP solution to back that capability. At the same time, we needed a solution that could be deployed quickly and provide support for our Finance, Sales, Distribution and Warehousing across multiple sites. We wanted a more strategic solution that allows multiple business processes and localisation capability on a regional platform,” saidMr. Perry Lanaway, the CIO of Brightstar Asia Pacific.

Gain Flexibility in Business Processes with Multiple Business Models and Languages

Brightstar, headquartered in Miami, USA, has a uniquely flexible approach to the business processes of its global partners and as such required an ERP solution that could adapt to multiple business models and languages.

“Every one of our global companies has its own strong cultural influences and ways of doing things. Often they have their own business models and processes. We wanted to bring their Planning, Finance and Warehouse Management up to date but we had to be mindful of the processes they already had in place,” said Lanaway.

Microsoft Dynamics AX was a clear choice for Brightstar because of the inherent flexibility and configurability of the solution. Likewise, it was a cost effective option for a company preparing for extensive global roll outs because the system’s familiar user experience, prebuilt industry capabilities and embedded features ensured disparate systems could be replaced and the entire system implemented relatively quickly – a key priority for Brightstar.

Just as important, Brightstar was able to mitigate some of the common challenges faced in deploying through Greenfield sites by harnessing Tectura’s extensive regional knowledge and local expertise.

Tectura Delivers Complex, Scalable Solution

BrightstarBrightstar partnered with Tectura to build their core system. Tectura deployed a centralised, systematic architecture that was then configured to support each local business and the unique challenges facing them. In addition, Tectura provided onsite consulting services throughout the development and implementation phases to ensure compliance with local government requirements, as well as, consistently meeting practical and real-life business requirements. Brightstar’s regional development teams learned and operated the system in their native language through knowledge transfer, training and ongoing support provided by Tectura.

“When you’ve got ambitious growth plans, building up internal expertise is critical for the project’s ultimate success. Tectura partnered with our regional teams in Australia and Malaysia to build out the core and then our IT departments in Vietnam and Thailand for the implementations. They installed the system and localised it to our business models, and they also provided an important consultative role in training our local IT departments. This strengthened our ability to build up our own resources and utilise Microsoft Dynamics AX to its full potential”, said Lanaway.

“It is a cost effective model. It helps us to become regionally scalable as our own team can support the company’s roll-out plans in the future, and we are capable to maintain and protect our own systems now.  Equally, Tectura has shared their Microsoft expertise with our regional team which certainly helped accelerate time-to-market. It was amazing to find that it only took 4-8 weeks to setup the entire system infrastructure and “go-live”. That is incredibly fast when we consider the vastness of the regions we are covering, with the complexity of our business models that were already in place,” added Lanaway.

Tectura’s Regional Resources with In-Depth Microsoft Expertise

Tectura has a strong support network in South East Asia and a long track record in successful IT deployments throughout the region. Brightstar selected Tectura as their partner because of their global presence and expertise, particularly in these countries.

“Tectura provided a readily available pool of skilled and experienced resources that we were able to draw on. Australia’s time zones were conducive to the region, but it was more a case of having an experienced team of Microsoft experts, with strong regional networks to support fast rollouts and the ability to adapt the AX templates for each changing business requirement,” said Lanaway.

Global Roll-Out Capability

Brightstar has aggressive growth plans throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East. They are keenly aware of the language differences and various challenges they faced in Vietnam and Thailand; which are similar challenges they face as they “roll-out” to other countries. They have no intention of letting geographic vastness, lack of existing infrastructures and language barriers stand in the way of new opportunities.

“We’re very competitive. We see opportunities and we go for it – this is an incredibly fast moving industry and as a result it needs the support of a strong network. We need the backing of the Microsoft platform because often we’re dealing with Greenfield sites that have no infrastructure of their own. We fully benefited from Tectura’s strong network of regional expertise, backed by Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to research and development,” said Lanaway.

“The proven successful “roll-out” of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Tectura Language and Localization Packs in Thailand and Vietnam have set good examples, built deep trust and confidence for Brightstar to engage Tectura to continue providing service support, and to implement their immediate plans for the “roll-out” of Microsoft Dynamics AX in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and South Africa,” added Lanaway.