Tectura Client Success Story

Hyde Park Residence

An Exclusive Upgrade with Hyde Park Residence

"There are not many organizations that have the international reach and the depth of capability to present off-shoring as an alternative. Tectura not only provided this as an option for HPR, but proved with ease the flexibility of putting it into practice."

Business Profile

Hyde Park Residence provides over 100 five star luxury-serviced apartments in Mayfair, London for business use.

Business/IT Challenge

  • Thriving business and continual demand
  • Issues of day-to-day system compatibility
  • Internal systems were becoming slower
  • Old versions of software required upgrade
  • A complete overhaul was needed


  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV


  • Business processes run more efficiently
  • Streamlined procedures
  • Rapid visibility of business information
  • Significant cost saving using off-shore development

Business Profile

Hyde Park ResidenceHyde Park Residence, operating since 1987, offers over 100 five star luxury-serviced apartments in Mayfair, London, providing corporate housing for business or pleasure. Situated in the heart of Mayfair they combine the space, independence and control of your own home with the service and flexibility of a luxury hotel. They pride themselves on the true splendour to which each apartment is individually furnished.

With a focus on the exclusive end of the market, and achieving 80% occupancy, their high profile clientele continues to enjoy services such as concierge, a secure car park, 24 hour security, maid service, dry cleaning and dedicated staff on site to ensure their every need is taken care of.

Business/IT Challenge

“We needed a solution that would be technically compatible, provide enriched functionality and give us faster
response times.”

With a thriving business, and continual demand, their legacy hardware was starting to creak. With issues of day to day compatibility across their existing infrastructure, their internal systems were becoming slower and slower. Hyde Park Residence (HPR) has enjoyed the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV for a number of years, however their old version of software needed upgrading as it was out of support, and the underlying technology was creaking.

A complete overhaul was needed, and although this would predominantly be a technical upgrade, HPR looked to the updated version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to fine tune some of their business processes. “We needed a solution that would be technically compatible, provide enriched functionality and give us faster response times,” says Andy Morgan, Financial Controller with HPR.

With the majority of apartments full at any one time, the main priority was to keep the business running and everyone fully on board. It was essential HPR had a smooth transition during this critical phase of system improvement. Morgan was adamant that HPR needed to work with a partner who could take the pain away and goes on to say, “System improvements are what Tectura really does well. They have completed upgrades many times, and know exactly how to lead a customer through this process.”


Planning played an important role in the early stages to ensure any disruption was minimal. With detailed analysis on what needed to be upgraded, HPR was able to assess the immediate impact and understand the potential knock on effects throughout the business. “With simple instructions and step by step guidance, Tectura took HPR on a painless journey, at a time when we were changing both hardware and software,” highlights Morgan. “This included the hotel system, which is responsible for hotel charges and links directly with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.”

HPR was already supported by Tectura, and it was an easy decision to continue their relationship. The organisation enjoys the procedural approach that Tectura maintains throughout a project and Morgan says, “Everything that Tectura does is carried out in a co-ordinated manner. It’s all very procedural, and they don’t tend to deviate. You always know exactly where you are heading.”

Planning started early enough to get everyone bought into the new system, and the challenge was focused more on getting the software and hardware in the right place at the right time. HPR felt that Tectura had all the relevant skills, and provided structure and methodology, even when adjusting to HPR’s specific requirements. In particular, HPR looked for a more flexible and cost effective alternative to some of the necessary development work needed during the upgrade. Tectura’s team in India was used to off-shore some of this activity, providing a desirable and seamless solution. “Whether in the UK or India, everyone had a mindset to make the project a success!” says Morgan. “Strong project leadership and delivery demonstrated the location of project work was irrelevant.”

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is used for the day to day running of the business. As well as providing comprehensive financial management and reporting, it provides HPR control for all of their stock and purchasing activities. To further enhance their reporting capability, HPR has also implemented the Jet Reporting tool, which, when integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, significantly speeds up the output of all of their reports.

Pleased with the Tectura project team, HPR pays particular tribute to the quality of good expectation setting. “At times it felt that the communication was overkill, but its significance soon became apparent as the project progressed,” says Morgan. “Not only did we learn to appreciate continual communication, we welcomed it.”


By working alongside Tectura, HPR was soon experiencing the benefits of the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Even with a small element of disruption to the business, the project was delivered in the expected time frame and budget. The new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV solved a number of HPR’s problems, as the business processes became smoother, and more in tune with the way the company needed to operate. “HPR is now up to date with a technically compatible solution that we know is going to support the business going forward,” highlights Morgan. “By completing the upgrade, we now have a more comprehensive understanding of our procedures, and we’ve streamlined them.”

Hyde Park ResidenceBy focusing on the manageable components of the project using Tectura’s off-shoring capability in India, HPR has experienced a significant cost saving. “There are not many organisations that have the international reach and the depth of capability to present off-shoring as an alternative,” highlights Morgan. “Tectura not only provided this as an option for HPR, but proved with ease the flexibility of putting it into practice.”

The system has allowed HPR to solve their stock issue, with improved reconciliation and reporting capabilities. Historically, the organisation had an imbalance between their inventory and the balance sheet. With an enhanced visibility of the process, it quickly became clear it was a data issue, and a resolution could be easily sourced.

“We set out with what we wanted to achieve,” concludes Morgan. “The implementation was smooth, and we happily delivered it in the time frames needed. We are now running our business faster.”