Tectura Client Success Story

Man and Machine

Enhancing an Infrastructure to Support the Digital Design Community

Business Profile

Man and Machine Limited is a value added reseller of advanced cad software and a distributor of digital design hardware.

Business/IT Challenge

  • Business systems needed to be current and fully supported
  • Requirement to make ‘doing business’ with trading partners easy
  • Provide better integration with other systems
  • Increased reporting and visibility into the business


  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Zetadocs
  • SQL Reporting Services


  • Information flows from all business processes
  • Total visibility – quick analysis of all critical figures
  • Role Tailored Clients improve individual productivity
  • Documents readily accessible electronically
  • Enhanced functionality, improved system resilience

Business Profile

As a Value Added Reseller of Autodesk software in the UK, Man and Machine provides first class services, in-depth product knowledge and industry experience. Based in Oxfordshire the Company, founded in 1989, works exclusively within the digital design community.

With highly qualified specialists they offer extensive support and training to ensure that their customers can save time and money, and achieve competitive advantage, empowering them to design, visualise and simulate their ideas digitally.

Business/IT Challenge

Having experienced the benefits from their previous investment in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Man and Machine recognised the need to continue this investment in their infrastructure to stay current and realise the benefits of the latest release.

The system needed to be easily customisable to meet changing requirements. As Paul Merchant, Director of Finance at Man and Machine said, “These are not just cosmetic changes to Man and Machine’s system, but fundamental developments in line with how the business needs to be run. Being able to tailor our system quickly is essential, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV has given us that flexibility. Tectura’s knowledge of our business continues to be instrumental to the success of our system.”


Understanding the need to remain up-to-date and fully supported on their key business software system, Man and Machine committed to upgrading their Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. This decision was based upon the success of previous upgrades and the belief that the system could be enhanced in a number of areas to deliver more competitive advantage.

Man and Machine had enjoyed a strong and stable business partnership with Tectura that had seen them through a number of successful upgrades and developments. Although working with Tectura seemed like both a natural and logical choice for Man and Machine they were selected on merit, as the best organisation for the task. “Continuity with both Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Tectura made good business sense, as we needed a product that was scaleable,” says Sarah Evered, Business Analyst with Man and Machine. Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides Man and Machine with financial management, sales and marketing through to purchasing and warehouse management.

Together, Man and Machine and Tectura committed time to prepare thoroughly for the upgrade. As Sarah Evered says, “a sound investment in planning and preparation has clearly paid off!” Some of the enhanced functionality has been complicated, but the upgrade has been a smooth experience for all of Man and Machine’s users.

Thought and planning was needed to successfully achieve a major part of the upgrade process, which was the implementation of Role Tailored Client functionality. This customises the system to more accurately reflect the work each individual has to do, and the associated business processes. These process flows and functionality more readily resemble typical Microsoft office product behaviour, and the users have found them easier to understand and use. Moreover, each user has greater flexibility to personalise the system to suit their own working practices, which has further enhanced usability and productivity. “It has made training of new staff on the system far easier,” says Sarah Evered, “and migrating our existing staff across to the new way of working couldn’t have been simpler!”

“These are not just cosmetic changes to Man and Machine’s system, but fundamental developments in line
with how the business needs to be run. Being able to tailor our system quickly is essential, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV has given us that flexibility. Tectura’s knowledge of our business continues to be instrumental to the success of our system.”

Upgrading the Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation has also resulted in better integration with business productivity tools such as Microsoft Excel. Man and Machine’s users have found it far simpler to transfer data between systems, in part aided by the more usable Microsoft client interface.

In the previous Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade, the standard reports didn’t meet all the needs of the business, so Man and Machine used Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 to ensure the right data got to the right person at the right time. With the improvements made in the latest Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade better use is now made of the native reporting services available.

Central to Man and Machine’s business philosophy has been a drive to make themselves easy to do business with. For example, they had set up EDI links between Man and Machine and their suppliers using Microsoft BizTalk Server to send purchase orders to their suppliers, and receive order confirmation and invoices seamlessly. The upgrade to their Microsoft Dynamics NAV system also enabled Tectura to implement a later version of Zetadocs that can now store electronic customer orders and has eliminated the trail of paper, significantly increasing productivity and responsiveness towards customers.

Another area of improvement included enhanced warehouse functionality. The goods receipting process is now more streamlined, taking advantage of serial number recording and verification.

Not only has Tectura consistently demonstrated the strength of its technical knowledge and capability, but also an inherent understanding of Man and Machine’s business and of the competitive nature of the IT Distribution sector. Working together the upgrade of our Microsoft Dynamics® NAV system has been effective. As Sarah Evered says, “with Tectura’s help we have ironed out the bumps in our business processes and made ourselves easier to do business with.” Throughout the implementation process regular communication was maintained and this contributed to the success of the upgrade project.


Man and Machine recognise the need to keep software systems up-to-date and fully supported. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV they have a solution that is continually evolving to take advantage of technological and good business practice advances. Partnering with Tectura has enabled this functionality to be effectively implemented and the benefits realised.

The Role Tailored Client functionality has enabled Man and Machine’s existing staff to make better use of the system thereby increasing productivity. New users need less training to use the system, and contributed sooner to the effectiveness of the business.

Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics NAV has also enabled Zetadocs to be upgraded too, enabling customer documentation to be captured and stored electronically, and then easily made available to support business processes.

The upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics NAV has added to the visibility of data across the business, providing access to key information both internally and to resellers via Man and Machine’s website. “Information flows from all of our business processes and is tracked in Microsoft Dynamics NAV with total visibility,” explains Paul Merchant. “For every part of our business, directors can see business critical figures. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is fully integrated with our intranet; everyone now has access to relevant data, enabling them to view orders, sales information and stock levels.”