Privacy Policy


Tectura Japan K.K. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") shall establish a personal information protection policy as follows, and strive to protect personal information by establishing a system of personal information protection and ensuring that all employees are aware of the importance of personal information and its efforts thoroughly.

Purpose of using personal information

The Company may use personal information for analyzing and marketing business transactions between customers/business associates and the Company, concluding in an agreement, termination and post termination, performing to provide products/services, responding to inquiries etc., and recruiting human resources.

Definition of personal information

The Company shall retain the full names, addresses, telephone numbers, facsimile numbers, email addresses, gender, age, affiliated organizations, departments, positions etc. of our customers, business associates and other related to the parties in order to achieve the purpose of using personal information.

Management of personal information

As well as complying with Japanese laws and other regulations applicable to personal information which are retained by the Company, the Company shall implement security measures and strict management of personal information by taking necessary measures such as maintaining security system, improving management system, employee training etc. in order to retain personal information accurately and up-to-date, and prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, leakage etc. of personal information.
Personal data collected outside of Japan will be transferred in accordance with applicable law such as Standard Contractual Clauses etc.

Collecting browsing history

The Company website may use Google Analytics of Google LLC to collect, record and analyze browsing history. Google Analytics may use cookies to collect information without including personally identifiable information.

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

The Company has designated a European Union Data Protection Officer (DPO) to be an independent advisor for the Company to help ensure that all processing of personal data meets EU legal requirements and the Company’s corporate standards. The role was designed to meet the GDPR criteria set out in Articles 37-39.
The DPO is involved, properly and in a timely manner, in all key issues which relate to the protection of personal data. The DPO can monitor the Company’s compliance with applicable data protection regulations, including the GDPR, as well as the Company’s internal policies and controls.
The DPO role has autonomy to perform the functions in an independent, unbiased manner. The DPO has access to training and customer response resources as necessary to perform the DPO functions.

The data subject (user) can contact the DPO through the form with the URL below or by phone, email or mail.
DPO (Shinji Tsuchitani), Tectura Japan K.K.
Business Airport Shinbashi
Shinbashi Place 7F, 1-12-9 Shinbashi
Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0004 Japan 03-4530-3722

Jointly use personal information

The Company may use the obtained personal information jointly with our affiliates that is, Tectura Corporation of our parent company and its wholly-owned subsidiaries when it is necessary in order to provide products and/or services.

Prohibition of disclosure/provision of personal information to third parties

The Company shall maintain the obtained personal information appropriately and shall not disclose personal information to third parties without the individual’s consent except in any of the following cases:

・when it is necessary to disclose to contractors and affiliated companies of the Company in order to provide products and services, ・when disclosure is required by law, and ・when personal information is provided in the event of a merger, business succession or other reasons.

Proper acquisition of personal information

The Company shall acquire personal information properly and shall not acquire it by false or other unjust means.

Security management of personal information and supervision of employees

The Company shall provide necessary and appropriate supervision of employees in order to prevent leakage, loss or damage of personal information, and to ensure that other security management of personal information is carried out.

Supervision of outsourcing

When the Company requires to disclose the obtained personal information to a contractor due to outsourcing business, the Company shall enter into a confidentiality agreement with the contractor and conduct necessary and appropriate supervision in order to ensure equivalent security management of personal information to the Company to be carried out.

Disclosure, correction and deletion of personal information

The Company shall disclose the personal information requested by the individual in principle. However, the Company may not disclose all or part of the personal information in any of the following cases and the Company will notify without delay when the Company decided not to disclose the personal information:

・when there is a possibility that the implementation of our business may be significantly hindered, and ・when it would violate laws and regulations.

The Company shall apply the equivalent measures to correct or delete personal information retained by the Company. In any event of that it is too difficult to carry out such as the implementation requires a lot of money, the Company may apply the alternative measures necessary to protect individuals' rights and interests.


Contact us for inquiries regarding our privacy policy, please contact:

Business Airport Shinbashi
Shinbashi Place 7F, 1-12-9 Shinbashi
Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0004 Japan
Tectura Japan K.K. +81-3-4530-3722