Tectura Client Success Story

PT Mitra Baja Persada

Growing Company Finds Perfect Fit with Microsoft Dynamics

“I am pleased with Tectura’s dedication, knowledge and competency during our Dynamics NAV implementation."

Business Profile

PT Mitra Baja Persada is an Indonesian construction company that specializes in bending and curving metal.

Business/IT Challenge(s)

PT Mitra Baja Persada was seeking a more flexible business and operation system that would provide greater visibility and reporting capability to replace their current rigid solution. They also desired inventory management functionality to streamline their operation processes.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV


  • Fast track business analysis and financial reporting
  • Greater flexibility and customization
  • Improved inventory operation processes
  • Increased project control

Business Profile

PT Mitra Baja Persada is a construction company based in Tangerang, Indonesia with over 10 years of experience in bending and machinery services. PT Mitra Baja Persada have selections of in-house designed and manufactured steel bending and steel forming machines that offer their clients a wider and more flexible range of services. The uniqueness of their solution translates to a higher cost savings to their customers.

Business Challenge

With continuous growth of the company businesses, PT Mitra Baja Persada has transitioned through several different solutions, from IT outsourcing, a tailored-made system, to retail packages aimed at streamlining their business operation processes. Mr. Andy Hartono, Chief Executive Officer of PT Mitra Baja Persada found that these systems did not meet their business requirements; neither improving their operation nor fast-tracking their business analysis and financial reporting. In addition, they sorely required an inventory management system to track and manage their materials and inventory level.


Pt Mitra Baja PersadaPT Mitra Baja Persada required a more flexible and easy to use business solution to improve their business operations, accelerate decision making processes, and to manage their materials and inventory level. Mr. Andy assessed several business solution offerings, and had selected Microsoft Dynamics NAV as the most suitable solution to meet their business needs.

“The key benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV are that it’s very customizable and flexible. I always think one step ahead. I have decided to choose Tectura because of its global presence, strong regional support, proven track records, domain knowledge and experience. In addition, its robustly defined frameworks and best practices have boosted my confidence in partnering with them,” said Mr. Andy. His faith in Microsoft’s presence in the global marketplace also bolstered his decision on implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


The Microsoft Dynamics NAV project implementation started in June 2009 and was delivered as go-live in January 2010. The implementation involved a lengthy review of the company’s business processes by Tectura’s project team. The communication was highly engaging and brought many issues to light. “The gap analysis conducted by Tectura helped me to realize and further understand the critical areas, and immediate actions to be taken during the implementation,” said Mr. Andy.

The implementation included customizations across several modules. Tectura’s project team worked closely with PT Mitra Baja Persada’s management to discover more elegant solutions to the issues at hand. One of the implementations is a customization for finance and accounting to directly access the sales quotes, invoices and Purchase Order that helped to minimize duplication of work and job redundancy. In addition, Tectura’s consultants also successfully enhanced a job module, which is one of the core modules in the operation processes, to be more simple and easy to use, especially for the warehouse operations.

“I am pleased with Tectura’s dedication, knowledge and competency during our Dynamics NAV implementation. The biggest achievement was the implementation of the warehouse module. Now, we can control, track and manage the materials, inventory level and reduce wastage of materials. The implementation helps to improve our business processes, and ultimately, increase our productivity,” added Mr. Andy.


Pt Mitra Baja PersadaWith the Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation, the management of PT Mitra Baja Persada is now able to make accurate and proactive business decisions, with up-to-date business analysis and financial reporting available at their fingertips.

“Now, I spend less time worrying about consolidating reports from disparate systems, crunching numbers manually, and questioning the data integrity. I can stay focused on my core business function and fast track my decision making for new business opportunities,” said Mr. Andy.

Their inventory management is also assured, with better control and less wastage. By using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the management is able to monitor available materials, non-moving stocks and even bring up project profits through their warehouse module. Estimated and actual schedules for projects have also been made available to the management for review, and improving visibility across the board.


The initial deployment of Microsoft Dynamics NAV for PT Mitra Baja Persada focused on financial, accounting and inventory management. In view of the company’s business growth opportunity, the management has planned to extend the system to its head office and branches. PT Tectura Indonesia has been engaged to deploy their rollout plan which also includes additional modules to control and manage sales operation processes that will help to improve sales efficiency and eventually, increase the company’s Return on Investments (ROI).

“I am optimistic with Tectura’s commitment and have confidence they are able to meet our requirements. I would like to continually build a long term business relationship with them,” added Mr. Andy.